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Start right now the Configuration of my boat !

How to use the Configurator ?

“Your boat” section allows you to consult a selection of photos and videos of the catamaran model you have selected, but also to discover in detail the “standard” boat, in order to better know later which options you will add.

The ‘Thematic Guide’ section introduces different themes related to the world of the sea, from the use of sails to the weather at sea… The aim is to answer some of your questions, but above all to inform you about the potential options you could equip your catamaran with.

The “Catalog” section is the core of the configuration website, it allows you to explore and add to your configuration different options related to your catamaran ( everything grouped under 9 categories). NOTE: some options require the addition of a complementary option to its use which will be notified to you on the product pages concerned.

The “Account & Configuration” section on the top right-hand side allows you to view your current configuration, see the total additional weight added or reduced and to validate the configuration in order to send it to your technical sales representative. You can save and consult all of your configurations in your account area.

Notes & Additional Information

It is important to remind you that the supply times for most of the equipment are currently extended. We would be grateful if you could confirm your choice of option as soon as possible, so that Outremer can secure the availability of the materials and equipment needed to put your catamaran into production. Please take this into consideration when working with the configurator !

PLEASE NOTE: the configurations made through this website DO NOT reflect the quotation that will go into production! The configurator’s ONLY PURPOSE is to guide you and help you to see more clearly the choice of options that you have to make. We therefore encourage you to validate several configurations if needed: none of them will be definitive, only the Outremer quote sent by your technical sales representative will reflect the catamaran that will be produced.

All that’s left is to wish you a GOOD CONFIGURATION !